About the Reform

CanRAC is the Canadian Residency Accreditation Consortium, which is comprised of the three certification colleges in Canada:

The three Colleges partnered in 2013 to evaluate the current accreditation system. This review highlighted a number of system strengths, as well as a number of challenges including:

  • Paper-based, labour-intensive processes
  • Episodic, workload cycle with large peaks and valleys
  • The need for improved consistency in decision-making from program to program
  • The importance of improved support for surveyors, program directors and postgraduate offices

In addition, the Colleges recognized the need to align residency accreditation with 21st century best practices, while also supporting the shift towards competency-based medical education (CBME).

Recognizing the opportunity to improve the system, CanRAC has developed a proposed plan to introduce a new system of residency accreditation. CanRAC welcomes your thoughts as work continues on this iterative process, which will be shaped based on collective input.

CanRAC meeting