Can Rac

What is CanRAC?

CanRAC is the Canadian Residency Accreditation Consortium, which is comprised of:

In response to feedback from residency accreditation stakeholders, and in light of changes underway in medical education (e.g. competency based medical education), the three Colleges partnered in 2013 to explore opportunities and new directions in the development of a new conjoint system of residency accreditation, with an aim to:

  • Reflect a rigorous, balanced accreditation system, designed to reflect alignment with the principles of competency-based medical education (CBME) as well as leading practices in accreditation;
  • Introduce new standards of accreditation that provide increased clarity for institutions, programs, and surveyors (without being unnecessarily prescriptive, and allowing for innovation), while increasing focus on outcomes and accommodating both CBME and non-CBME programs; and
  • Preserve the strengths of the current system, such as having national standards, onsite evaluation of programs, and peer review;
  • Improve the accreditation process with a focus on making the most efficient use of the time dedicated to accreditation related activities by residency education stakeholders, decreasing any unnecessary administrative burden.

The work of CanRAC since 2013 has ultimately resulted in the development and ongoing testing/implementation of CanERACanadian Excellence in Residency Accreditation, the new conjoint new system of residency accreditation.

Governance structure of conjoint accreditation consortium, CanRAC